by Ollie Ford on 2011-05-14
Samsung 10.1" 2560x1600 PenTile display; iPad HD?

Samsung have crammed a 2560x600 resolution into this 10.1" display using the PenTile configuration, as found in the Atrix and Galaxy S smartphones.

This impressive resolution (higher than the majority of peoples' TVs and desktop monitors) gives the panel a pixel density of 299ppi. That's sufficient for it to receive Apple's stamp of "Retina Display" approval.

That said, this display on show uses a 16:10 aspect ratio, which would be a stray from the iPads current 4:3. However, all is not lost; Samsung says that the technology is completely scalable, and can be adapted for different ratios and screen sizes.

Apple would be mad not to give the iPad 3 a resolution bump - and why not use their own ppi proclaiming brand whilst at it.

Here's hoping that panels such as the one above make their way into tablets very soon.

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